Trying to navigate life in the country... where the internet is slow and Dollar General is a life saver. 


I'm so happy you stumbled upon my little corner of the world wide web. This is a place where I like to share some of my photos, my words, and my heart. 

I'm an accidental country girl. I didn't grow up farming or living in the country. I had no real need for boots or four-wheel drive trucks. I lived on a golf course, for crying out loud. I spent my afternoons and weekends at a dance studio. Then I grew up, married an AG teacher, and ended up in the sticks. (Covered in cow slobber, I might add.) 

But have you ever found yourself somewhere that doesn't make any sense but still feels so right? That's me. That's this life. 

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What fires me up? 

Jesus. Coffee (quite literally). GRACE. Photography.  All things agriculture. Turquoise. Fresh air. Blue skies. Small towns. Cow eyes. Good books. Puppy dog kisses. Dirty boots. Big dreams. Live music. Cozy blankets. Baking sweet treats. Honest friends. Fresh margaritas. And deep belly laughs. 

What you'll find here? 

REAL -- I solemnly swear to keep things real. The good, the bad, and the very very dirty. (I'm talking farm life y'all. There's a lot of poop involved.) It's easy to just portray your best self on the internet, but real life is messy -- on the inside and out -- and I'm about keeping things honest. 

SIMPLE -- Simplicity is my anthem. Things can get a little chaotic in my head, my heart, and the world around us. So I'm on a mission to keep things simple, and cheer us on towards less stuff and more joy. 

GRACE -- Well first, it's my name. I've got a double name like a true southern girl, but all my favorite people call me Grace for short. It's my absolute favorite. And most importantly, it's my life. I'd be a complete mess if not for the grace of Jesus.

"Grace is love that seeks you out when you have nothing to give in return. Grace is love coming at you that has nothing to do with you. Grace is being loved when you are unloveable." - Paul Zahl

Full disclosure -- we are not REAL farmers. We both have other day jobs that take up most of our time. We're more like "hobby farmers", but even that feels like a generous title. Basically, we've got some animals and a little bit of land and we're so very grateful for it.